Not Every Club is Like a Jersey Shore Club

My worst club experience was horrific. This club was infested with guys. Sausage fest would be an understatement. More like a hot dog eating contest featuring Takeru Kobayashi. My friend went on the higher platform to figure the ratio: fourteen guys to one girl. Needless to say, any girl could get in (they were all grenades and landmines). It was a sad day for the male species. You could look at one girl and find her surrounded by five guys, and she would have two drinks in her hands. As I turned to leave within fifteen minutes of entering the club, a HUGE grenade stepped on my foot and it got stuck. As I tried to pull out my leg, I could feel a snap… yes, I sprained my ankle at a club. And of course the grenade didn’t notice… she was too busy grinding on some poor sap while sipping on the two drinks she had in her hands. 

posted : Thursday, January 20th, 2011

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